new post when finals week ends. it’s consuming my life.June 11, 2012

Anonymous said: u use glitter cocaine pics? how do we get our pic featurrd for your definitions??

im always looking for pictures! if there’s credit anywhere on the photo i leave it on so that people know to look at that blog for just the picture. if you have photos send me the links I will gladly leave your credit on if it’s in the picture

June 1, 2012
if you make a status saying “lol at how you make statuses about me. bitch” aren’t you just doing the same fucking thing? literally i hate facebook.May 15, 2012

jleedotcom said: This blog makes me laugh, and it makes me remember some great nights I've had, so thanks for that. Some people like to go out and have fun, and for some people that includes drinking occasionally. If you're one of the people who chooses not to drink then why would you be on a blog specifically targeting 'drunk vocab'? Sorry for the mini rant, but you do you and fuck the rest.

I agree with you. I never really understood why some people go to blogs about things that they don’t like and then leave nasty messages for the person whose blog it is. It’s annoying, but whatever. thank you for that :)

May 14, 2012

Anonymous said: i fucking love your responses to bitches who hide behind their electronics and say shit about you that arent even true. i look up to you no matter what the fuck your "hobbies" are. :)

thank you kind anon<3

May 14, 2012
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